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Patient and Public Involvement

Patient and Public Involvement (PPI) in research means working with members of the public to plan and carry out research. This helps us to ensure that we are researching topics which are relevant to patients, that the information that we provide is understandable to patients and the public, and that we are doing our research in a respectful way. We are committed to engaging with members of the public throughout our research activities. This includes working with the public to help:

  • Decide what topics to research
  • Develop research funding applications
  • Design research projects
  • Manage and oversee our work
  • Interpret our findings
  • Share results

Leeds CTRU has an infrastructure to help support meaningful PPI throughout our research. We have an institute wide PPI policy and guidelines, which are supported by a Public Involvement and Engagement Lead and a PPI working group. We are committed to offering appropriate support, guidance and reimbursement to any members of the public who work with us.

We have been recognised at a national level for our high quality and innovative PPI. One example of this is the service user network set up to support our pressure ulcer studies.