The Trial

MODULATE (Management of diarrhoea in ulcerative colitis: A multi-arm multi stage trial of low FODMAP diet, amitriptyline, ondansetron, or loperamide) is a clinical trial that aims to identify effective treatments for ongoing diarrhoea in people with stable ulcerative colitis.

We are delighted to announce that MODULATE has relaunched as a remote trial – allowing participants to take part using remote and/or electronic consent, provide fingerprick blood and stool samples at home through the use of an central lab, study medications can be posted directly to participants at home and all study appointments can take place over the phone or using video calling software. We hope these innovative features make the trial more accessible and convenient for both our participants and participating hospitals!

The MODULATE study aims to find out if these IBS treatments are effective in relieving diarrhoea symptoms in people with stable UC. This is the first study to explore this, and we hope that the results will lead to more effective treatments for this group of patients.