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PPI Section

PPI Section

STERLING-PMR trial has involved patients and the public within its research from the very outset because it leads to a better understanding of our patients and to better research. It means that they can be part of the decisions which may ultimately affect participants in the research and future patients.

We do this by:

  • Ensuring that as far as possible, the research takes into account the practical needs of those patients who agree to take part.
  • Ensuring the Patient Information Sheet & other documents are understandable, and address matters which are important to patients, their carers and their families.
  • Ensuring that the content for the Patient & Public pages of this website can be easily understood.
  • Liaising with bowel cancer patient groups and relevant medical charities about the existence and benefits of the research.
  • Helping to communicate, in an understandable way, the progress of the research and its findings to those that have participated in it, bowel cancer patient groups and relevant medical charities.

Lorna Neil and Mrs Margret Grover are part of PMR GCA Scotland.

[Video for them or quote from them about their involvement.
Pics and background about PPI reps and if relevant about their experience of the PMR and how the disease has been managed/ benefits of taking part in trial].