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What Participation Involves

What Participation Involves

All patients eligible and interested in participating in this trial will be contacted via telephone by their nearest Rheumatology trial team in the first instance.

If you are self-referring or want to refer someone then please look at the STERLING self-screening questionnaire on the Patients and Participants page before continuing.

The STERLING trial has been designed to reflect good clinical practice and the latest guidelines on how to treat PMR. The study team at the hospital have been selected for their expertise and knowledge about PMR and its treatment. We hope that by taking part, you will receive the best of both worlds – good GP care and good hospital care. By taking part, you will also contribute to raising awareness and improving medical and scientific knowledge about PMR. This is very valuable in itself, because so few research studies have been done into PMR compared to other rheumatic conditions.

The patient pathway diagram below will give you an idea of what becoming a participant involves should you or the person you know be eligible to join the trial.

If you are able and decide to take part, please be aware that you may change your mind (withdraw your consent to take part) at any time and you will continue to receive the same NHS care that you have been receiving so far.

How to take part

[patient pathway diagram to follow]