ALPHA Self-Screening

The questionnaire below asks a few simple questions to find out whether you may be suitable to take part in the ALPHA trial.

Please answer each one by clicking either the Yes or No button.

Once you have completed all the questions, click the Submit button and your answers will be processed.

Are you over 18 and live in the UK?

Do you currently suffer from eczema (also called dermatitis) on your hands?

Does your hand eczema make performing everyday tasks such as cooking, dressing, working etc. difficult?

Have you treated your hand eczema on a daily (regular) basis with steroid creams you received onĀ  prescription from your doctor for at least 4 weeks?

Do these steroid creams result in significant improvement of your hand eczema?

Do you have an area of eczema that covers 10% or more of your body (outside hands and feet)?

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