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MACRO SDD Comparer

MACRO SDD Comparer

The MACRO SDD Comparer application is available free of charge to any MACRO customer.

Please note the utility is not supported or endorsed by Elsevier. CTRU Leeds provide no warranty for the correct functioning of the application in your environment.

The app requires .Net Framework v4.8 or newer to be installed in order to work correctly.

It has been tested against MACRO 4.11 but may work against older versions of MACRO. It does not require MACRO to be installed on the computer running the utility.

The utility is designed to take two MACRO SDD files and show the differences between them. It also allows for the raw xml of an SDD file to be exported for use in your own utilities. The included user guide shows how to configure the tool and lists what elements of an SDD file are checked by the comparison tool.