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Registration & Randomisation

Registration & Randomisation Service

The CTRU provides an registration and randomisation service for use in its trials. Referred to internally as Gen24 (Generic 24hr randomisation service) it provides both an automated telephony service and interactive website for recruiting or randomising participants into trials.

The service may occasionally be taken offline for routine maintenance or version upgrades. Advanced notice of the downtime will be given below.

System Downtime Date/Time Details
Monthly server maintenance First working Monday of each month 17:30 – 20:00 pm Software updates and security patches.

The automated telephony service can be accessed by calling the number below:

0113 34 32290

Alternatively the website can be accessed from the link below:

CTRU Web Registration and Randomisation Service

The website is validated against Internet Explorer 11, Microsoft Edge and the latest version of Google Chrome.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Issue Details
Security certificates All data transferred to and from Gen24 is secured via SSL certificates.
Problems entering data via the phone When using the telephony service many inputs are terminated by using the # symbol. If you are having issues with the service please make sure that responses are terminated with the hash symbol.
Login & passcode Your login and passcode are unique and are used to record who entered what information. This is an essential part of the data audit process. It is important that you keep your passcode confidential.
New users If you want to add a new user to a Gen24 service please contact your trial coordinator.
Session timeout Sessions on the web service will automatically timeout after 20 minutes of inactivity. Any unfinished registrations or randomisations will be lost if a session times out.

For all trial-related queries (e.g. new user requests, help using the service etc) you should contact the relevant trial coordinator in the first instance.


GEN24 Telephone System Available

GEN24 should now be available by telephone again. If you have any issues with it, please continue to use the online service.

GEN24 Telephone Service Unavailable

Due to a power outage at the University of Leeds, GEN24’s telephone service is currently unavailable. GEN24 can still be accessed online by using this link Apologies for any inconvenience. We will update as soon as power has been restored and our telephony service is available.

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