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More Information

The study is explained further within a set of documents that can be accessed here.

Submit Your Interest

Are you interested in taking part? Read about how we will use your information and complete a short survey.

Trial News

Keep up-to-date with all things CANAssess, including insight into our Twitter feed and how many people are taking part in CANAssess.

For General Practices

This page is for practice staff taking part to access trial documentation and key updates in the running of CANAssess. Please contact the CANAssess inbox for login details.

What is the CANAssess clinical trial?

CANAssess: Cancer Patients’ Needs Assessment in Primary Care – A Cluster Randomised Controlled Trial
Funded by Yorkshire Cancer Research

Do you have cancer and are aged 18 and over? Have you been invited by your GP Surgery to take part?

Learn more about the study below
CANAssess is looking at how to identify and manage issues faced by people living with cancer. To do this, we have developed a way to help your GP or nurse identify any problems you may or may not be having for which you would like additional support.

What is involved?

Meet with a researcher

Complete up to 4 questionnaires

Phone calls with a researcher to collect further information and see if you need help with the questionnaires

Half of the people taking part in this study will be asked to attend an appointment with a GP or nurse

Invite someone close to you who provides you with support to also take part

We are also interested in learning about the experiences of a person who is close to you who provides you with support, but who may or may not be providing hands on personal care. This could be a relative, friend or neighbour.
They must be nominated by you
They must not be employed to look after you
They must be able to understand English

What do they have to do?

Complete up to 4 short questionnaires