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The SHIFT Family Therapy Manual was adapted from the Leeds Family Therapy Research Centre Manual and developed for use in the Self Harm Intervention: Family Therapy (SHIFT) trial, funded by the National Institute for Health Research Health Technology Assessment Programme (project no. 07/33/01). The views and opinions expressed therein are those of the authors and do not necessarily reflect those of the HTA programme, NIHR, NHS or the Department of Health.

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An approach to measuring adherence to the manual has been developed and is reported in: Masterson C, Barker C, Jackson D, Boston P. Constructing a SHIFT adherence measure (SAM): the development of a family therapy integrity measure for the SHIFT trial. Journal of Family Therapy. 2016

Copyright of the SHIFT Family Therapy Manual will remain with the University of Leeds.

Use of the manual is on the understanding that it is used in accordance with the specifications and terms set out in the forward section of the manual. This includes the circumstances in which it might be used, limitations on adaptation if the integrity of its intended purpose is to be retained, required expertise (i.e. therapist qualifications) and training / supervision requirements.

You may seek permission from the University of Leeds to adapt the manual for local purposes. Permission will usually be granted on condition that any revised version clearly cites the original source Manual and states that the new version is an adaptation. Revised versions of the Manual must be lodged with the University of Leeds. University of Leeds will retain control of copyright.
Use of the Manual is conditional upon providing the details requested below. The information you provide will be retained for the purposes stated below and will not be shared with any third parties outside the SHIFT trial team at the University of Leeds. We need these details in order to contact you to enquire about your use of the Manual.

  • Contact from the University of Leeds to enquire about your use of the Manual and to providing answers to those questions.
  • Providing to the University of Leeds the results of any evaluations of therapy that use the Manual or adapted version of it.
  • Acknowledging University of Leeds in any outputs for the purpose of impact monitoring.
  • Where required, covering the cost of any translation, and undertaking translation on the understanding that copyright remains with University of Leeds.

SHIFT Family Therapy Manual Privacy Policy

  • We would like to collect the name, professional affiliation, email address and telephone number of anyone who downloads the SHIFT Family Therapy Manual from this webpage. We will use this information so that we can review how useful these documents are and how widely they are used. We may also contact you in future regarding your research. This information will further support our research, which we carry out in the public interest.
  • The information you enter here will be sent to the SHIFT trial team at the University of Leeds via email and will be stored securely.
  • Your information will be held and used solely by the SHIFT trial team at the University of Leeds. We will not share the data with anyone else, and we will not use the data you give us for any purpose other than what is mentioned above.
  • If you have any questions about how your data are used, or you would like us to amend or delete your details, or access what information we hold about you, please contact You can also contact the University of Leeds Data Protection Officer at
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