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Thank you for visiting the LRRC-QoL study website. The website contains useful information and resources related to the study including Patient Information Leaflets which can be accessed here.


Locally recurrent rectal cancer occurs when rectal cancer returns close to the origin site. Locally recurrent rectal cancer affects approximately 10% of people following treatment for rectal cancer. Currently, there is limited evidence concerning the extent of the burden that locally recurrent rectal cancer has on people’s quality of life.

There are many questionnaires that are used to assess quality of life, however, these questionnaires have not been validated specifically for patients with locally recurrent rectal cancer. Validation means checking that the questionnaire is applicable to groups of patients.

The LRRC-QoL questionnaire was designed specifically to assess quality of life in patients with locally recurrent rectal cancer. The questionnaire was developed in collaboration between centres in the UK and Australia.