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Patient and Public Involvement (PPI)

Patient and Public Involvement (PPI)

The ARIEL study has had involvement from a patient representative from the very start. We do this because it leads to better understanding of our patients and better design of our research reflecting that understanding. So far we have had patient and public involvement (PPI) with our protocol design, Patient Information Leaflet development and during submission to the ethics committee.

We have patient representation on our trial committees which is a group of trial staff and clinicians who help to feed into the day to day running of the trial, and to monitor all aspects of the trial and ensure that the trial is being run safely and to a high quality. We also have PPI representation on a separate group of independent individuals who provide the overall supervision of the trial and may offer recommendations or advice as the trial progresses.

Lindy Berkman, PPI Representative

Lindy had stage 3 colon cancer in 1994. Since 2007 she has been involved as a patient representative on a large number of clinical trials for the diagnosis and treatment of bowel cancer. She is on the Trial Management Group for ARIEL.

“The ARIEL trial is vitally important as it attempts to match patients with the correct chemotherapy regime which hopefully will lead to better outcomes.”