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The ARIEL Team

The ARIEL Team

Trial Management Group

Jenny Seligmann – Chief Investigator
Richard Adams – Co-Chief Investigator
Chris Williams – Trial Physician
Nick West – Pathology Lead
Matt Seymour – Medical Oncologist
John Bridgewater – Medical Oncologist
Janet Graham – Medical Oncologist
Andrew Beggs – Translational Biomarker Lead
Damian Tolan – Radiology Lead
David Meads – Health Economics Lead
Alex Gilbert – Patient Reported Outcomes Lead
Lindy Berkmann – PPI Representative

ARIEL Trial Team
Leeds Institute of Clinical Trials Research

David Cairns – CTRU Scientific Lead
Heather McIntyre – Medical Statistician
Nancy Fernandes Da Silva – CTRU Delivery Lead
Claire Dimbleby – Senior Trial Manager
Aaisha Ali – Data Manager
Emma Batman – Senior Trial Co-ordinator
Jake Burman – Trial Co-ordinator
Daniel McRae – Trial Management Assistant
Amy Heald – Data Entry Clerk

Central Laboratories

ARIEL Trial Laboratory
Pathology and Data Analytics
Level 4, Wellcome Trust Brenner Building
St. James’s University Hospital
Beckett Street
For central RAS/BRAF testing

ARIEL Trial Laboratory
c/o Surgical Research Laboratory
IBR West Extension
Institute of Biomedical Research
University of Birmingham
Wolfson Drive
B15 2TT
For EREG/AREG testing