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Detailed guidance on how to convey specific information topics

You can see more detailed guidance on specific information topics listed below, with example text where this may be useful, using the navigation on the left.

Important new information about changing study involvement:

  • Thanks and appreciation
  • Losing contact
  • Summarising how participation has changed
  • Possibility of further researcher contact
  • Explaining why participation has stopped
  • Information about payments and incentives
  • Clarifying participants’ options

Important new information about post-study arrangements

  • Immediate arrangements after the study
  • Arrangements for post-study care
  • Available support

Important reminders and signposting

  • Signpost to pre-study information sheet
  • Reminder about what happens to data already collected
  • Reminder about what happens to biological samples already collected
  • Possibility of finding out the treatment received
  • Availability of overall study results
  • Availability of individual test results
  • Complaints

Other information

  • Giving feedback on study experience
  • Reminder of the option to give a reason for decisions
  • Possibility of research involvement
  • Current update on the study
  • Frequently asked questions