The standard treatment for bowel cancer has been to have surgery to remove the tumour, usually followed by chemotherapy. However, FOxTROT 1 research showed that giving chemotherapy before surgery was safe and reduced the chance of the cancer coming back. This means that giving chemotherapy before surgery (neoadjuvant chemotherapy) is now a standard treatment option for some bowel cancer patients.

Upon joining FOxTROT 3, patients will be randomly allocated either to receive the FOxTROT 3 approach – 6 weeks of ‘intensified’ neoadjuvant chemotherapy with three chemotherapy medicines) before surgery or dual neoadjuvant chemotherapy (two chemotherapy medicines) before surgery. Both sets of patients will also receive chemotherapy after surgery.

UK and International Hospitals Taking Part in the Trials

Below is a map of the UK hospitals taking part in the trials.

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FOxTROT 3 Patient Information Sheet

For more detail on what the research might involve for you, please read the FOxTROT 3 Patient Information Sheet or speak to the team treating you.