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Bowel cancer becomes more common the older we get (the average age at diagnosis is 71). Such patients may not be well enough to receive chemotherapy after surgery due to the impact of the surgery and any existing medical conditions.

Upon joining FOxTROT 2, patients are randomly allocated either to receive the FOxTROT 2 approach or the standard treatment approach. The FOxTROT 2 research will find out if more mature patients with bowel cancer or those patients with other significant medical conditions, also benefit from neoadjuvant chemotherapy (when chemotherapy is given before surgery) compared with the standard approach (to have the surgery first). The same combination of chemotherapy medicines used in FOxTROT2 are used in the standard approach. These medicines will be given for 6 weeks before surgery.

UK and International Hospitals Taking Part in the Trials

Below is a map of the UK and international hospitals taking part in the trials.

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Patient Information Sheet

For more detail on what the research might involve for you, please read the FOxTROT 2 Patient Information Leaflet or speak to the team treating you.