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FOxTROT 5: A phase II trial evaluating perioperative dostarlimab in older and/or frail patients with locally advanced but operable deficient mismatch repair colon cancer
Status: In set-up

The purpose of FOxTROT 5 is to find an improved treatment for bowel cancer patients that have cancer cells with an abnormality called Deficient Mismatch Repair (dMMR). Standard chemotherapy treatments can be less successful for these patients. To join FOxTROT 5, patients need to be at least 70 years old or have significant additional medical conditions.

This research will use an ‘immunotherapy’ drug called dostarlimab. Immunotherapy drugs help the patient’s immune system find and attack cancer cells. This includes cells with the dMMR abnormality. Dostarlimab has been shown to be effective for treating other types of dMMR cancer.

This research is something called Phase 2 research. Phase 2 research tests a new treatment for a new medical condition, only 62 patients can take part in this research. This is to ensure that the new treatment is both safe and effective.